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    Hi Katy,

    Version 2 of the Dementia Prevalence Calculator is no longer being supported.

    A new version is being developed within the national primary care information platform, . Version 3 will be much more refined and much easier to use with many of the data limitations of the previous version resolved.

    This will be available shortly, and it will include the 2012-13 QOF dementia diagnosis data.

    If you register for an account with primary care information platform, you will have access to the new dementia prevalence data as soon as it is available.

    Hi I would like to access but do not know what code my SCN Cheshire and Merseyside is -can you help please

    Hi Ann,

    The Primary Care Web Team have informed us that the home organisation code can be left blank when registering at

    Good Afternoon,

    I have applied to have access to the dementia toolkit and was informed that the link would be sent to – would you be able to resend the link please.

    Kind regards, Helen

    Hi Helen,

    The Calculator is part of the Primary Care Web Tool and managed by the Primary Care Web Team. I suggest that you contact them by email at to request that they resend the link.

    I’ve signed up to the service, logged in etc, but I don’t get the option for the Dementia Prevalence Calculator ? Any idea why ? Can I get permission to access it ?

    Kind Regards,

    Hi Emma,

    Providing you have also registered your interest in testing the Calculator here then the Primary Care Web Team will grant you access to the Calculator. The Introduction to the Dementia Prevalence Calculator may be helpful to get you started.

    Is there any update on when in March the calculator will be made available? CCG’s need to use this tool for planning and forecasting and its difficult to support them without any information.


    Hi Rebecca,

    We expect the Primary Care Web Team to launch the in mid March. A beta version is currently available for testing via the Primary Care Web Tool. Staff in Clinical Commissioning Groups can register their interest in testing it here . Please ensure you also register for the Primary Care Web Tool at . All feedback, including data, technical and user interface issues that arise during testing will be addressed prior to the launch.

    After clicking the domain “Medical”, I cannot see any Dementia Prevalence user role. Can you help me find a soultion so that I am able to access DPC, please.

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